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watching the crawl line...

I'm beginning to wonder if Monday snow days are going to happen for the rest of our time with the snow! Seeing as it's the second Monday in a row that there's no school!

I feel two ways about snow days...it's awesome to have a day off and sleep in!! (After checking the crawl line of course to be SURE that school is canceled...)
But then there's the part about getting behind at school. My kids have speeches due on Wednesday... I think they should be ready to hand them in, but we'll see. I always have stragglers. I doubt this speech will be an exception even though they all know they don't HAVE to present theirs, and that writing this is like any other 5-paragraph essay. I think I'm going to make the speeches still due on Wednesday because they'll have covered enough material to have completed it. AND those who WANT to present their speeches (for an extra 10 points on their quiz grade, which they all know of) will have to hand them in, be graded, make their corrections and PRACTICE so they're READY!!

The worst part, I think (so far) about teaching - grading. I want to give all A's but we all know that's not possible. And it's not fair! Not fair to the kids who actually earned it, and not fair to the kids who didn't, who need room for improvement in areas that they really didn't do well on.

I'm going back to bed...I'll deal with grading later.


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Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
haha, I was thinking that too. Missed another Monday class coz of it XD I really hope we won't have to make it up at the end :)

aww :( I never really thought how difficult gradeing is for a teacher :(

*skips now off to Facebook and reply to your message XD*
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